Born in 1981, Ludovic aka Valco began to draw at the age of 10, the characters of the famous Asterix comics, of which he had a few copies. At 14, he began tagging bus shelters with Posca next to a childhood friend and learning lettering. A few years later, fond of urbex places, he hangs out in the disused hangars around the Béziers station, between cheap beer cans and empty aerosol cans. There, he admires the graffiti artists at the expense of the high school benches.

Later, it was as a creative chef that the plates became his first artistic medium. Valco then defines content as as important as form.

Self-taught artist, from the generation of the 80s, he mainly uses everything that refers to those years, in a colorful overlay where different messages can emerge and where everyone can find their own in order to give a different meaning to each canvas.

Coming from a popular background, he likes to represent fictional characters themselves popularized by tv. Very influenced by the hip-hop movement, his expression remains “streetly”.
His artist name is just the anagram of his last name. A pseudo anonymity is thus preserved like the “vandals” taggers.

A word from the Galerist: “Valco is an artist who finds his inspiration by paying particular attention to his surroundings. From his wanderings, he draws unique links that he transcribes in his works rich in messages and various allusions.

Valco is a compulsive and spontaneous artist who evolves his works through his emotions and his research. In the Pop art and Street-art movements, his canvases gain in thickness in a graphic design that is at once abundant, hypnotic and colorful.
Valco’s work instinctively brings to mind comic book characters mixed with the style of 80’s New York street artists. An energetic and spontaneous touch conveys an explosive universe, so often governed by the impulse of his feelings.”

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