Ludock, whose real name is Ludovic Debrabander, is a self-taught painter born in Hauts-de-France in 1957.

Early passionate, he assiduously frequents museums, exhibitions and artistic installations. He studies Graphic Arts, typography and offset section, then subsequently enrolles in evening classes at the Beaux-Arts in Lille.

In 1985, he creates his company specializing in traditional photoengraving, and in large format digital printing. This period allowes Ludock to meet and collaborate with many artists from the Northern region: artistic directors, painters, photographers, writers, musicians, upholsterers, of regional and international renown. This long career in the graphic arts will influence the creative vision of the artist.

Today living in Salon de Provence, Ludock devotes his free time to abstract painting. He paints with acrylics on canvas, he also uses paper and crumpled paper collage.

Working with materials and very bright colors, it is through an essentially semi-abstract painting that Ludock manages to infuse emotion, relief and intrigue into his paintings. His work of small touches and intelligent mixtures of colors is reminiscent of Georges Dubuffet. A raw art that invites you to dream and reveals an impressive technical mastery.

Punchy and powerfully colored, his paintings are full of dynamism, induced in particular by a strong inspiration from the urban world. Resorting to the use of universal symbols associated with images taken from pop and underground culture, Ludock gives us the keys to enter his universe, as corrosive as it is poetic.

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