Fabien MIART

Born in 1988 in Amiens, Fabien Miart is a self-taught artist. As a scientist by profession and studies, he took advantage of his doctorate in cell biology to develop a passion for microscopy. He perceives through the lens of his microscope all the beauty of nature and contemplates it as a piece of art.

The second wave of Covid and its confinement will give him enough time to indulge in a second passion, painting. As a painter, Fabien Miart adopts a diversity of techniques and materials to bring his works to life. He uses acrylic paint, charcoal, markers, spray paint and oil chalks to create colorful and expressive artworks.

Fabien Miart was born and raised in the northern part of Amiens and this is what influences his artistic project the most. His education, his encounters, his socio-cultural journey are deeply rooted in his paintings.

Overall, Fabien Miart’s work is an encounter between contemporary art, suburban culture and solidarity. He believes in the power of art to celebrate those who have helped improve the world. His works are dazzling with colors, reflecting the positivity of the message he wants to convey.

On the other hand, he chose to live and work in Marseille to take advantage of the cultural and social emulsion of the city, where the people he paints take on their full resonance.

His influences range from Banksy to Basquiat via other lesser known artists such as Diego Tirigall or Yonil.

He explains his approach this way:

« There are two main themes in my paintings, the suburbs and solidarity. The suburbs because it marked my childhood and largely guided my way of perceiving the world. I always represent towers. It is an environment often photographed and filmed but not much represented in contemporary art. I also incorporate in my paintings recurring elements that are personal to me.

Regarding solidarity, I have an unconditional admiration for people who have done good around them, who have sometimes sacrificed their own lives for those of others. I paint people who have played a crucial role on a political, social and/or cultural level for their country or internationally.

My artistic approach stems from a second observation. The people we talk about the most and who are at the heart of our discussions are most of the time dark people.

The other part nowadays concerns people who are making the buzz on social networks. On one side or the other, the messages conveyed by these people are neither positive nor supportive. My approach therefore aims to go against the current of these habits.

I strive to operate a real selection of people little known to the general public. My approach is therefore intended to be educational. I would like these people to inspire young people as they inspire me on a daily basis. »

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