Nicolas HIL

Born in 1969 in Reims, Nicolas Hil currently lives and works in Montpellier. He paints portraits of women and men, anonymous or famous, in the secrecy of his studio in Montpellier.

He invites us to pierce the emotion of his subjects through singular framing, abolishing the context to play with the conventions of classical portraiture.

From black to white, ivory and ocher, his color palette is compact and gives his portraits a timeless vibe.

As a lover of matter, Nicolas Hil uses encaustic paint to emphasize the roughness of those he paints, far from the digital representations that smooth out everyday life.

The granularity of his paintings evokes the relief of each personality and contributes to the energy they provide. The textures pile up there like the accidents that sculpt our lives.

« The patterns float, their gaze pierces, freed from all gravity. »

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