Monsieur GrandGrandGrand

Born in 1983 in Saint-Omer, Grégory alias Monsieur GrandGrandGrand currently lives and works in Lyon. Self-taught artist, influenced by street art and graffiti, he also draws his inspiration from punk, hip hop and grindcore. For him, pink is punk!

Self-taught, Monsieur GrandGrandGrand uses layering techniques to create complex and multidimensional images. He also uses drips to add an organic texture to his creations. The color pink is a constant in his work and is used to add warmth and vitality.

« I practice different techniques and go from marker, to spray or acrylic. I mainly express myself on canvas, but I also practice screen printing on different supports (t-shirts, tote bags…), cyanotype, linocut. »

The artist also uses elements from old comics, re-using them as samples to create unique and surprising collages. This gives to his works a sense of retro, while connecting them to the contemporary world of street art and popular culture.

Overall, Monsieur Grand’s work is an exploration of street aesthetics and underground culture, combined with a passion for color and texture.

Living in the city of lights or simply passing through Lyon, you may have the opportunity to find one of his creations on the corner of a street…

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