Born in 1999 in Villeurbanne, Sparkle is a self-taught artist. After a difficult schooling, she left school very early, being diagnosed with autism. She quickly became passionate about Graffiti, Street art, Pop Art and Abstract Art.

Very sensitive to colors and in particular very bright shades, Sparkle began painting on papers, on canvas and then on urban supports from a very young age.

Looking for inspiration around her, in the streets, in nature, and in the universe, Sparkle maintains a special bond with animals and particularly butterflies. She adopts this species which she personifies and which she attempts to work and represent in multiple aspects and numerous styles. This work will result in a whole series of paintings.

Sparkle has always been attracted to colors, spots and splashes, she heard about Jackson Pollock and discovered his work. She quickly admired his creations and was inspired by them, particularly through dripping, this technique which consists of projecting tasks onto different supports.

Largely inspired by the work of street artists from the 90s to today, Sparkle designs her canvases or wall creations using a juxtaposition of layers, embellished with acrylic paint, aerosol paint, Posca and other pictorial techniques. The gesture executed with vivacity, in resonance with the recurrence of graffiti, gives all its plasticity to the work. 

This young talent, admirer of the big names in Street Art such as Banksy, Above or C215, will soon leave her mark, as far as her curiosity takes her.

« I try to convey in my works what I feel, by spontaneously mixing lines, geometric shapes, lettering, drips and splashes. I paint standing, sitting on the floor, on canvas, on the walls, on clothes, whatever the support, I just try to transmit what I have in me. »

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