Philippe SAVARIN

Born in 1966 in Saône-et-Loire, Philippe Savarin is a self-taught French artist who lives and works in the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur area, in Avignon on the island of Barthelasse.

After several professional lives, it is in 2017 that he decided to devote himself to one of his passions: artistic creation.

Multiplying and varying the supports (wood, bamboo, canvas, paper, cardboard, etc.), Philippe Savarin likes to discover new horizons as he evolves. His drawing work, made of multiple points, highlights different abundant universes, where the symbol, omnipresent, and a meticulous graphic expression, support his philosophy of life that everything is connected, to finally dissolve in Unity.

It is also through painting that he expresses himself. Create backgrounds, give them life and cover them with warm colors that are reminiscent of those of the lands of sunny countries. Philippe Savarin is largely and freely inspired by the spirit of tribal arts which particularly affect him.

« We ransack the Earth, we waste, we consume excessively to compensate for the lack caused by our lack of connection to the essential, to our planet and its inhabitants, whether they are part of the animal, vegetable or mineral world.
We are, for the most part, blind to what is happening and have lost the awareness that the Earth is alive and that if we are, it is indeed thanks to Her. »

Due to his vision of the world and of society, Philippe Savarin chooses to use bright, warm and varied colors to create his works. And even if the themes addressed are not always joyful, often evoking fundamental problems, he seeks to use what is beautiful to talk about it, to attract attention and to tempt, on his scale and with what is at his disposal, to raise awareness.

His goal, through his work, is to awaken in the viewer an emotion that warms the soul.

From now on, Philippe Savarin paints pieces of wood of various shapes and species, as well as bamboo. All patterns are good for covering them with bright and varied colors.
He now presents original and sparkling sculptures of different shapes and sizes, from small to large and for some very large. Driven by ecological intentions and alert to the need for recycling, he describes his process of working on the sculptures as follows:


« I only use naturally ‘dead’ wood that I find in nature near my home, whether it’s the main part or its support. My choice is on pieces of wood that I will not have to rework or very little.
Usually the only hardware I buy is the metal rod that connects the main piece to its support. I like to give the wood I use a new life. I make all of my sculptures by hand and use a minimum of power tools. »

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