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Because we have always been convinced that the Internet was an amazing opportunity to make art more accessible, we bet, since our creation in 2016, to to give you the opportunity to discover it in only few clics. Since then, we offer you the possibility to find and buy art from contemporary artists via our online platform.

In parralel to our website, we are often proposing exhibitions and artistic events in France and abroad. Thereby, you are allowed to meet various artists and original artworks around a plural scenography.

The artists we represent are selected by our contemporary art expert for the quality of their work and a unique artistic personnality. In order to guarantee you the most advantageaous and the most qualitative choice, we only choose emergent or confirmed artists.
We make the choice of eclecticism by proposing artists with unique universes. Both abstract or figurative, some of them even navigating at the crossroads of the two. If most of our artists live in France, we also represent international artists based abroad.
In addition, although we offer a wide range of works, we only work with a very limited number of artists. This allows us to be available to advice and listen to the art collectors and artists we represent.

The sale prices of the works are set by our Expert, specialist in Contemporary Art market. He takes into consideration artists’ updated quotes in order to allow fair transactions.
Moreover, by applying a low commission on the sale prices, we allow our artists to remain the primary beneficiaries of the sales we make and collectors to acquire artworks at lower prices than in traditional galleries.

In order to offer the best services, we forge close ties on a daily basis with artists, but also with private companies and public institutions. 

Based in Lyon and Montpellier, our professional team is mobilised 24h/24 et 7d/7.
Our curator and contemporary art expert daily work with the artists in order to present a selection of the best artworks and to guide them in their artistic career. He also informs and advises art collectors who would like recommendations or additionnal information on the work and on the course of our artists.
Communication also gets its professional specialist. She daily animates our profiles on social networks to bring art to you, wherever you are, and informs you about all our actualities. She also has in charge the events communication and helps our expert in the gallery’s management.
Finally, our webmaster is in charge of the website management. He is here to fix every technical problem on the website in order to guarantee the access for everyone.

“When I first created Day2Day Gallery in 2016, I wished I could make contemporary art accessible for all. Indeed, I made the observation that art galleries were only speaking to an initiate and fortunate audience, so far from the idea that art may belong to everyone.
By settling on the internet, our concept allows us to speak to a larger audience, even those who usually don’t dare opening galleries’ doors or who can’t go there. However, I thought such important to propose a space where professionals, amateurs, art lovers and artists should meet together. That’s why, from the beginning, we usually organize exhibitions and artistic events in France and abroad, always totally free for the public.
Moreover, I’ve always wanted to enhance the work of our artists. Contrary to traditional art galleries which involve large commissions and increase prices, we do take lower commissions.

It is therefore an inclusive version of contemporary art that I wanted to promote, which could go beyond the usual conceptions. Today, Day2Day Gallery’s values are always stronger :  proximity, inclusion, diversity et vitality are at the heart of our actions.”

Nicolas Grousset
Creator of Day2Day Gallery
Contemporary Art Expert