Born in 1977 near Bordeaux, Lionel alias Leyoy is a self-taught artist whose work embodies pop art in its most contemporary form.

Born from his fascination with popular culture and images, his artistic journey is characterized by a relentless exploration of the codes and representations that define our modern society.

Drawing inspiration from advertising images and iconic symbols, cartoons and cinema, American geek culture and doodle art, Leyoy uses the digital medium as canvases for his artistic explorations.

Constantly creating new compositions, he is part of the contemporary pop art movement by also offering a variety of supports such as aluminum dibond, canvas, plexiglass and even glass.

Each of Leyoy’s works is a captivating fusion of pop references, where elements mingle in an obvious way but also through hidden symbols.

Discovering a work by Leyoy is a rich visual experience that evokes memories. His bold compositions question established norms, inviting the viewer to reflect on the changing nature of consumer society and culture.

Using digital tools as a means of expression, he pushes the boundaries of so-called traditional art, exploring new creative possibilities and rethinking established conventions. His work embodies the innovative spirit of pop art, while remaining true to its roots in popular culture and today’s world.

Each Leyoy piece is produced in a single copy on canvas or aluminum dibond, highlighting the quality and uniqueness of his work. This approach reaffirms his commitment to artistic excellence and his desire to create works that stand the test of time.

Through his constant exploration of popular codes and representations, Leyoy offers an insightful and provocative look at contemporary society. His creations, as an explorer of digital pop art, demonstrate the enduring power of art to stimulate dialogue and provoke thought.

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