Virginie RAFAEL

Born in 1975 in Toulon, Virginie Rafael is a self-taught artist best known for her large format, colorful canvases with stylized symbols. Her work investigates the daily difficulty of being oneself, hidden behind values that do not correspond to us. It is a question of freeing ourselves from the pre-established collective unconscious whose archetypes impose our way of telling ourselves.

In her painting, the bright colors impose the power that is necessary to manifest to reestablish one’s own truth. The subject embodies a universal symbol which guides us and leads us to deconstruct what has been imposed to us collectively. Through her work, Virginie Rafael opens a space in which everyone can express their uniqueness.

The archetypes of our society impose on us our way of telling ourselves. The collective unconscious pre-establishes patterns in which everyone does not find themselves.

Reestablishing one’s truth, having one’s own model requires imposing oneself in this life with one’s own reality, even if it does not go without saying.

« My work points out this daily difficulty in being oneself, hidden behind values that do not correspond to us and shows that everyone has the right to exist as they are outside of all anchored societal categorizations ».

By reworking and reappropriating symbols of popular culture, Virginie Rafael turns to an accessible style that is nevertheless rather acerbic. Her paintings always present a first aesthetic effect that is deliberately simplistic, but each of her works offers, through a second reading, a critical message from the society that surrounds the artist.

It’s up to everyone to stop at her paintings in order to discover the artist’s personal vision or to form their own assessment.

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