Antonio Ribeiro, alias Anton, is a contemporary painter born in 1973 in Chelles in Seine-et-Marne. His early passion for art was evident from childhood, and his artistic talents were quickly recognized by his teachers and family. Coming from an atypical and self-taught background, Anton has long preferred shadow to light, cultivating his love for painting in secret, confidentially.

The artist grew up in an atmosphere steeped in curiosity and imagination, but his passion for artistic expression did not find an official way in his youth. He chose to follow other paths, particularly in the professional field, thus exploring other horizons, without ever really abandoning his need to create.

It was only at the age of 50 that Anton decided to show his pictorial universe, thus revealing a movement inspired by surrealism and neo-expressionism. His style, powerfully expressive and emotional, demonstrates a particular passion and intensity. The artist easily captures the raw essence of the human experience, transcending the limits of color but especially form.

Despite his shy character, Anton found in painting a universal language to communicate his deepest emotions. His paintings reveal a vibrant palette, bold strokes and a relentless exploration of expressions. Each work tells a story, each brushstroke reveals a part of the artist’s soul.

Drawing inspiration from his first artistic love in the world of comics, Anton seamlessly fuses this influence with his neo-expressionist style, creating a unique visual language that evokes intense emotions and captivating narratives.

His artistic approach is enriched by his passion for music, particularly jazz. While he only paints while listening to captivating melodies, each of his paintings is a visual interpretation of the rhythms and harmonies of jazz, the chords of colors and movements inspired by the instruments and the improvisation specific to this musical genre.

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