Born in 1962, Marie Raynaud was touched from an early age by the beauty of the Mediterranean basin.

Spending all her childhood vacations in Saint Raphaël, she was made aware of the perspective of colorful landscapes imbued with light. She then discovers all the bluish shades of the sea, the incessant movement of the waves, the light of the sea, fragmenting through the water. Blue will therefore be strongly present in her first paintings.

Marie Raynaud grew up in a Roman city, Nîmes, where the strong architectural presence, the beautiful and the grandiose mingle. As a teenager, she was passionate about the arts, especially painting, literature and poetry. This same poetry that she transcribes through watercolour.

Later, the discovery of the grandiose panoramas of the Alps where she settled, created in Marie Raynaud an artistic shock which was enriched again when a new phase of her life brought her to the edge of the ocean where the luminosity so particular, the nuances of tones and the incessant movement of the tides, bring her back with force towards painting.

Acrylic and then oil painting allow her to capture these fragile moments, the changing colors, the fullness of the place. These different founding periods are inscribed on her canvases, some imprints of serenity or fragility, others more dynamic. The landscapes remain for the moment a central subject that remains to be sublimated.

Marked by the study of great painters such as William Turner, Zao Wou-Ki or the masters of Impressionism, Marie Raynaud expresses through her semi-abstract painting the emotion felt through the beauty of a landscape, its immensity, its depth. The sky, which we notice first, occupies a preponderant place in her paintings because it is through it that we escape and that our thought finds its freedom.

Detach yourself from reality and travel through the image by capturing fragile, furtive moments, seizing the beauty that will be inscribed in our memories… It is this sharing that Marie hopes for through the presentation of landscapes, taking us by the hand and making us dream. Touch the man by showing him his place, absent from the canvases but spectator and also actor because the world is transformed through him… He must be one with nature, his presence remaining discreet, blending into his environment while respecting it.

Because Marie Raynaud evokes a beautiful and fragile world, ephemeral places that we would like to be immutable.

Self-taught, but eager to discover materials, Marie uses acrylic or oil paint depending on her projects, preferring large formats in order to better express herself. Large formats that she takes care to prepare herself in order to better appropriate the space where the material will then come to give shape to the spectacle of nature.

Sensitive to the influence of the seasons, Marie Raynaud prepares for each of them a series of works, highlighting their composition, their colors, their particular atmosphere. The method used is alla prima, which requires a great rigor of the gesture and an important elaboration of mental construction beforehand. The design carried out, the realization follows in a natural way and the material chosen also. Going to the end of a color is a subject of reflection that strongly animates her. Painting is an endless art in which the artist drowns with pleasure.

Now based in Serre-Chevalier Marie Raynaud has always been fascinated by nature and concerned with ecology. She captures these ephemeral, fragile, furtive moments of beauty to save them and pass them on to future generations thanks to her characteristic brushstroke.

In her works, everything is alive, making us feel the breath of the wind, the movements of the sky or the ocean to remind us how wonderful nature is and that it is essential to watch over it…

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