Born in the suburbs of Rouen in 1986 and captivated by the world of art since her childhood, Nina Bruneau, from the top of her tall tower, dreamed of becoming a dancer, painter and writer. Encouraged by her visual arts teacher, she cultivated her passion for drawing until the walls of her teenage bedroom were filled with explosive frescoes.

As an adult, and after studies in the law and banking fields, the artist devoted herself to one of her passions, dance and in particular Flamenco. She then trained to be a teacher when, at the age of 26, she underwent a major operation following a chronic illness. An electric shock for Nina Bruneau who will learn that she can no longer dance as she wants. The six months of convalescence that followed plunged the artist into an artistic frenzy. She will paint day and night to release her emotions and heal from her pain and frustration. Realizing that art is a real cure for her ills, Nina Bruneau will study art therapy and chromotherapy.

In 2016, she decided to settle in Bordeaux, a city that vibrates to the rhythm of creativity and innovation. It was there that she became an illustrator and author of children’s books. Her colorful world and her boundless imagination attract the attention of those in the book industry and certain brands with whom she has the opportunity to collaborate. In addition to her writing work, the artist multiplies her interventions in schools where she shares her love for art with young budding creative minds. She strongly believes in the importance of arts education and strives to inspire future generations to explore their own creativity.

Nina Bruneau completes part of her childhood dreams in 2022, when she returns to painting by creating her famous « Pop’Monsters », these colorful and joyful little monsters which invade her studio.

« With the Pop’Monsters, I transform the negative into a positive. We all have little monsters inside us that bother us. Whether it’s illnesses, bad memories, difficult trials… They are there and bother us.

In my paintings, I transform these little annoyances into hyper-colorful, misshapen and amusing monsters in order to make them sympathetic and accepting. They thus become a wonderful source of inspiration. Living with demons has never helped anyone, while living with Pop’Monsters makes life much more attractive! »

The paintress extends her artistic range by painting on various media and collaborates with street artists by creating large murals in the streets of Bordeaux.

Nina Bruneau is a self-taught, versatile and visionary artist who continues to push the boundaries of her art. Its neo-cubist and neo-pop’art style, combined with urban art, gives it a daring pop aesthetic. Inspired by legendary artists such as Keith Haring and Henri Matisse, she creates works that captivate the eye and invite the imagination.

The year 2023 marks a real artistic turning point in the life of the artist, who stands out and begins to exhibit her works in France and abroad.

« I live by color. I couldn’t imagine a world in black and white. For me, art is a way of transmitting emotions, of communicating, and what I want above all is to spread good humor. I want my works to pop and make you smile, to give free rein to imagination and escape.

What I find interesting in art is its interpretation. When I paint, I project memories, sketches of my life, feelings, it’s very personal. And yet, each person who observes one of my paintings will have a completely different interpretation. A feeling that is unique to you and that suits you perfectly. Through my artistic universe, you will be able to find your place and feel at ease there. »

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