Born in 1992 in Brest, Mathieu Lebreton is a self-taught artist. As a fan of all types of manual activities since childhood, he took advantage of the Covid period and the various locks down to indulge in new things. This is how he began his artistic experimentation through painting.

Passionate about photography, Mathieu Lebreton likes to immortalize places and moments, looking for the right framing, a particular symmetry, the focus which will highlight perspectives, plays of light and other reflections.

Painting allows him to express all of this. It’s like an outlet for him: a media where memories and impressions mingle in the mind to compose a scene that will gradually come to life on the canvas, with each new brushstroke.

Each new project begins with a phase of reflection on the different pieces of the puzzle but intuition quickly takes over to assemble them with more spontaneity.

He then takes pleasure in combining the colors to create a soft and harmonious base, before slicing this first layer with more or less brutal contrasts, and finally, adding the details which will rebalance the whole.

Acrylic and its rapid drying times allow him to work layer upon layer and thus give free rein to his creative impulses.

Mathieu Lebreton finds inspiration in nature, admiring landscapes, examining architecture or traveling and walking around Chatou, its banks of the Seine and its Impressionist island, where he now lives.

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