Thomas Jeunet was born in 1981, in the heart of the Auvergne volcanoes. Coming from a very modest background, he left the region at the age of 7, upon the death of his father, to settle with his mother in Dijon. As an English teacher, her mother quickly introduced him to travel (England, Germany and the United States). In 2004, Thomas Jeunet moved to Lille to attend business school, then left for New York in 2006 to join the Cartier jewelry house. In the midst of the American financial crisis, he returned to France to pursue his career in the world in which he still operates today.

Thomas Jeunet’s artistic career began in 2012, his paintings, mainly in acrylic combined with pigments, are vibrant works that capture the essence of his love for aesthetics. Thomas shares his work through participation in several exhibitions, where his creations find a particular resonance.

Thomas Jeunet merges abstract expressionism and surrealism in his own artistic language, inspired by certain great masters. Pollock’s spontaneous bursts of color, Miro’s visual poetry, Klein’s monochromatic depth, and Soulages’ mastery of light and texture are harmoniously reflected in his creations.

Each brushstroke by Thomas is an abstract dance, capturing the energy of movement and the richness of emotion. His work demonstrates constant exploration, transcending artistic boundaries and inviting the viewer to delve into a world where an infinite palette of colors and shapes combine to create a captivating visual experience.

His atypical journey between the worlds of art and luxury has shaped a unique artist, where landscapes, cultures and encounters permeate each of his canvases and tell a visual story, mixing the sophistication of luxury with the pure creativity of artistic expression.

Thomas Jeunet transforms his travels into a true artistic adventure, where the world becomes his canvas and each destination an infinite source of inspiration.

Through art, I seek to capture the fleeting moment, to freeze time in an explosion of colors and shapes.”

Thomas Jeunet, driven by a deep passion for the infinite palette of colors, finds particular expression in his love of black, symbol of mystery and elegance, blue, evoking infinite depth, creating paintings where darkness and light interact harmoniously. Bright, bold yellow infuses energy into his designs, while white provides a pristine canvas for artistic exploration. Red, passionate and powerful, mixes with other colors, creating visual compositions that resonate with emotional intensity.

In this way, Thomas Jeunet’s distinctive palette becomes a unique visual language, where each color is carefully chosen to tell a visual story rich in emotion and dynamism.

“Through my paintings, I weave visual dreams, inviting everyone to discover their own interpretation of art.”

His approach and vision are guided by a refined and sophisticated aesthetic, characterized by the precise use of certain colors, and oak wood for a warm touch. His choice of colors and materials suggests a reflection on visual harmony and the search for a subtle balance between the elements.

His use of painting as a means of emotional expression, particularly when emotions are often unexpressed, highlights the power of art as a profound channel of communication. This emotional dimension adds significant depth to his artistic approach, transforming the canvas into a space where his emotions find a visual voice. The inclusion of “outside the box” or side-stepping ideas suggests creativity that goes beyond convention, providing an artistic experience rich in diversity and exploration. Thomas Jeunet’s paintings are the story of his life.

“Each brushstroke is an exploration of the unknown, a journey to the heart of creativity where the soul expresses itself in color.”

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