Fabien Hemard is a French painter-photographer-filmmaker, born in 1968 in Bitche, France, and who currently lives and works in Paris. At the age of twenty, after having started studying medicine in Tours, he decided to drop everything and moved to the capital to devote himself to drama, he was then trained at Cours Simon for 4 years.

Inspired by Franju, Kurosawa, Cassavetes, Blier, Kubrick, Renoir, Fabien Hemard made his first short films during this period. It was also during this period that he learned to paint on his own. In this field, he particularly admires the work of Da Vinci, Matisse, Klimt, Schiele, Bacon, Mondrian and Miro.

Photography only appeared later in his career, at the end of the 90’s. Very quickly, Fabien Hemard was caught up in the photographic practice which he immediately perceived as a bridge, a space for dialogue and possible exchanges between movies and painting. He learns the technique and works for a time as a professional with major fashion and luxury brands. Then he opened his own shooting studio.

And it is there, far from the catwalks and parades, that he can once again undertake a more personal work, mixing at leisure and in complete freedom, photography, cinema-video and painting.
Co-founding member of the Escalier4 Collective, which brings together artists from all disciplines (actors, dancers, playwrights, visual artists, directors, musicians, photographers…) and from everywhere (Greece, United States, Romania, Switzerland, Armenia, Macedonia …) around transdisciplinary projects, Fabien Hemard participates in all the artworks of the collective between 1997 and today.

« I was born somewhere, at a given time, within a certain family. My parents chose a first name for me and for the civil status, I am Fabien Hemard. When I paint or work on an picture, a photo, a movie, I am in a somewhere else. It’s nothing spectacular, it’s not a trance, rather a kind of hypnosis. I put on music, music that I like, there are all kinds, and I start to work.

Little by little, my identity fades, doors open, I then access territories of infinite expanse and to which I do not have access usually.

To me, that’s freedom. And I think that’s what I try to communicate through each of my works: freedom exists, in each of us. It is interior ».

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