Céline LANNE

Born in 1977 in Nancy, Céline Lanne first pursued studies in Management Sciences. For 18 years, she divides her time between her professional and artistic activity to finally understand that creation is essential to her. The creative part had taken a dominating place in her life. 2017 was a year of upheaval where Céline Lanne made a professional turn and understood that it was necessary for her to let her subconscious express itself, as a means of survival after years of undisclosed creative practices. Creation has therefore been rooted in her since childhood, but it was not until 2018 that she enthusiastically showed her creative universe.

Coming from a family in which many artistic fields are well represented, it is with joy that she launches herself in turn, as a logical and liberating continuation. Create to be alive, overcome her fears, regain self-confidence and deliver certain messages through symbolism.

Céline Lanne first started out in contact with associations, and then exhibited in various local and regional artistic events. Passionate about art, she then turned to social networks which offered her a formidable means of communication and popularized art. The pursuit of her involvement in the artistic world guides her towards collaboration with other artists and craftsmen, with whom, through the creation of an association, she shares premises.

Self-taught artist since childhood, her approach is sometimes eclectic. Each creation is a new exploration of ideas and forms. Her work evolves according to her moods and thoughts. Loving color, her paintings, both structured and “round”, interpret a message conveyed by inspiration at a given moment.

Céline Lanne likes to mix styles and artistic techniques. The canvas is created at a time dedicated entirely to spontaneity. At this precise moment she feels connected to her work and to the world around her, so whatever positive or negative it can bring no longer exists.

Her paintings evolve over time. Different periods and series demonstrate this. Each of her mistakes drives her forward. They are part of the creative process and its complex artistic journey.

Exploring different media and painting techniques, Céline Lanne works mostly acrylic, which allows her to layer, play with colors and create incredible effects. She also sometimes uses oil paint as well as “gold” shades for a dreamlike side. She likes to use blue, the color of the sea and the sky, a perfect changing space to develop the imagination. Self-taught artist, she does not seek to paint reality but a feeling.

In absolute terms, Céline Lanne’s painting is aimed at everyone, both spiritual in the abstract, and sensitive in the world of childhood. An important place is given to the search for emotion and reflection, with regard to taking flight through the imagination…

“The important thing is not what we look at but what we see” HD THOREAU

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