Born in 1987 near Tours in Indre-et-Loire, Bongo is a self-taught artist. He has always been immersed in street art, since his teenage years, more particularly in Paris where he lived for five years. A city that allowed him to discover multiple forms of art, while walking in the street or the metro, but also thanks to the immense cultural scene present there.

Bongo trained in the street… With graffiti and the recovery of materials to make sculptures, paintings and collages which he continues to practice in Tours. You can also discover one of his works on a street corner. He then began to express himself on canvas several years ago.

After numerous exhibitions in Tours and the region, Bongo began to make himself known. His work is composed of graffiti, figures (bongos) and outsider art, all with bright colors and a very particular style.

« Difference is for me a strength in this too smooth world where everything looks the same. From a young age, we are conditioned to follow a set of rules and social norms. The refusal of the norm in society is an act of rebellion against the expectations and conventions imposed on us ».

This is the message that Bongo wants to convey through his art. He draws inspiration from his experiences, from everything around him and he likes to explore new techniques. His art allows him to escape and express himself as he wishes. Full of energy, he doesn’t sit still and likes to break the rules and think outside the box.

His inspirations are diverse, Africa through its colors and masks as well as Street Art and graffiti. Bongo is also inspired by artists like Keith Haring and Basquiat for painting or Obey and JR for the collages which really marked him. He likes to use aerosol cans, felt-tip pens, acrylic paint and Indian ink which he likes for their fluidity.

His world is colorful, engaged and spontaneous. As you will have understood, Bongo does not confine himself to one style, but varies the supports and mediums according to his inspirations.

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