Born in Rouen in 1969, Tropel has been painting for over 20 years. Entirely self-taught, the artist now claims this status:

« Art is an emanation of ourself, the resurgence of emotions that we will seek in the depths of us being, and as such, it cannot therefore be taught. »

From his childhood, Tropel has always been attracted and fascinated by drawing, then he approached oil painting with an artistic style influenced by impressionist painters such as Monet or Renoir.

His evolution leads him to suggest rather than show, he plays with colors and shapes, he dresses, models the character with collages and geometric shapes to energize the painting.

The fact of painting more in suggestion than in demonstration allows the artist to say less and leave more room for the imagination. Tropel considers that by developing their own interpretation, each viewer can appropriate the work more quickly and in a unique way.

The combination of matter, shapes, play of light and colors gives the artist’s works an effect halfway between sculpture and painting.

Tropel’s canvases are now defined by representations of the human body in particular the female form, and always associated with movement. His work is situated in a semi-figurative style stripped of superfluous details, focused on movement, from simple and refined calligraphic gestures.

Tropel’s work has been exhibited in numerous events in France over the past 10 years and regularly appears in international art fairs.

« The challenge for an artist is to create works where light, movement and matter combine, making each creation radiate to provoke emotion. »

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