Born in 1982 in Nevers, Bebler is a self-taught artist currently based in the Lyon region. Married and father of 2 children, he has worked for Babolat since 2012 as a tennis expert.

In parallel with his professional activity, Bebler has been painting and developing his creative activity for many years. He has participated in several exhibitions and fairs since 2009.

Bebler is inspired by his many trips around the world and by everything that challenges him on a daily basis. Artistic creation has always been part of his life and painting has imposed itself on me in a natural way.

Bebler finds in artistic creation many points in common with his former tennis career, such as the desire to progress and evolve constantly in his artistic approach and the search for personal satisfaction at the end of a painting.

First attracted by drawing and figurative representations, his creations gradually evolved towards abstract painting. Bebler’s works are the result of multiple inspirations articulated around a fusion of colors and a play of textures with paintings that are often very colorful and full of energy, in an abstract and contemporary style.

He mainly works in acrylic paint, using brushes, knives, stencils and various objects. Bebler likes to be guided by his imagination to try to convey emotions through his paintings. He generally paints several canvases in the same series on different formats and supports.

Bebler’s inspirations come from impressionist painters, especially the way they evolved and found their own inspirations throughout their lives. Concerning contemporary artists, the worlds of John Beckley and John Perello represent for him an interesting source of inspiration in their ways of apprehending Abstract Art.

After various significant exhibitions since 2018 in Liège in Belgium, then at the Carrefour des Arts or at the Rendez-Vous des Artistes in Saint-Cyr, Bebler is now embarking on a gallery collaboration.

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