Born in 1997 in Paris, Manima almost came into the world with a pencil in her hand. From her earliest childhood, this artist at heart honed her skills through drawing and painting, to make it her greatest passion years later.

After studying at the prestigious Ecole Boule between 2013 and 2016, then a degree in Plastic Arts at the Sorbonne in 2017, Manima launched with enthusiasm and passion into her own creations in a rather Pop’art style.

Young married, she recently moved to Toulouse where a different light and a unique environment bring her many new creative ideas. Touched by quirky and colorful worlds, she interprets and offers creations that combine Pop’art, abstract and contemporary art in geometric shapes.

Bringing out colors like emotions, inspiring good humor and creating a feeling of joy are all driving forces for Manima and for her creativity.

The art that Manima offers invites us to break the codes, to remove the barriers and to push the doors of our imagination!

« To discover her work is to grant oneself a moment of freedom. »

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