Born in 1990 in the south of France, PAB is an emerging Pop’art artist. Finding his inspiration in the twists and turns of popular culture, diving headfirst into the multiple worlds of pop and geek culture, he is today known for his innovative creations in the art world.
His passion for contemporary icons such as Star Wars, Marvel, and Warhammer 40,000 is reflected in a bold and energetic way in each of his creations.

Originally from Cannes, a city where visual art and culture blend harmoniously. From a very young age, he expressed his creativity through photography and digital design. Self-taught, PAB trained in digital art through forums, tutorials and by experimenting.

He then embarked on an artistic exploration which led him to the discovery of the infinite possibilities offered by digital tools. Armed with a graphics tablet, a stylus and an indomitable passion for art, he learned about digital creation through several innovative techniques.

PAB’s creative process centers around the application of multiple layers of digital paint, carefully layered over each other, to create unique depth and texture.

The artist uses numerous tools and software at the cutting edge of innovation to simulate the solid color of digital painting. The end result is a fusion between traditional art and the endless possibilities offered by the digital world.

Each PAB’s work is the result of meticulous and passionate work, where technology is put at the service of creativity to produce pieces of striking beauty.

Through his art, PAB invites the viewer to explore the deepest recesses of his imagination, to rediscover the magic of the worlds that marked his childhood and to celebrate the richness of popular culture.

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