Born in 1977 in Suresnes, Virgo Matham is a contemporary painter who chose to live in France, on July 14. As a good hypersensitive, free electron, finding her place has not always been easy. In permanent over-adaptation and constantly seeking meaning in life, she did not fit into any mold and… That’s the point!

From law studies to a career in audiovisual, she always felt a gap between “the role assumed” and her deep nature. Following a painful “burn-out”, she dared to “turn on her light” and set out in search of meaning. What she didn’t know is that she was beginning a real reconnection with the person she truly is. And it is through her art that everything will be revealed.

Inspired by life, love, the universe, its symbols and mysteries, high impactful and abundant messages of love are born, and Virgo Matham hides them in her works. Words and puns come to her and are subtly revealed through graphic lines on her canvases.

Virgo’s artistic approach is deeply rooted in the idea that geometry and abstract shapes can convey complex emotions and ideas. She uses clean lines and bright colors to create dynamic compositions that invite the viewer to reflect on harmony and chaos. Each painting is an exploration of the balance between mathematical rigor and creative freedom.

Virgo Matham plays with language in her works, inspired by urban art and the Dada movement, where words and letters become visual elements in their own right. The lettering in her paintings is not only decorative but often carries a subtle message, inviting reflection on contemporary themes such as identity, communication and collective memory. Mainly using acrylic, Virgo remains pictorially influenced by artists like Piet Mondrian and Kazimir Malevitch, her approach explores the balance between pragmatic rigor and creative freedom.

Also inspired by constructivism and the De Stijl movement, her works are notable for their innovation and expressive depth.

In addition to geometry and lettering, Virgo uses symbols to enrich her compositions. Intrigued by the works of Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee, she believes in the power of symbols to communicate abstract concepts and deep emotions. Her symbols are often borrowed from different cultures, reinterpreted in a modern context. High and elevating art, committed and anti-dogma, modern and colorful, contrasting and enigmatic.

« I will always write you the words your heart needs. These are the invisible hands with which mine touches yours. » John Joos

The word of the Gallery:

« Virgo Matham is an artist who constantly reinvents the boundaries of geometric and abstract art. Her mastery of acrylic, combined with her bold use of lettering and symbols, makes her an enigmatic artist who invites artistic and interior questioning. Through her paintings, she offers a unique and impactful vision of modernity, combining rigor and visual poetry. »

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