Born in 1999 in the southern suburbs of Paris, Charbel is a self-taught artist. From a young age, he was passionate about art. Following numerous visits to exhibitions and museums, he quickly expressed a desire to create, to invent his own visual identity.

His influences are numerous, the cinema of Tarantino, the painting of Basquiat, Dali, and Picasso, or even the music of Michael Jackson, The Weeknd and Travis Scott, occupy an important place in his work.

Charbel, through his creative process, poses objective reality, time, space and matter as so many intangible notions of information.

Based on the experience of reality and its representations as well as the perception of space, he designs works that lead the viewer to question their own interpretation of reality.

Making a break in objective reality, his creations are not so much a trigger of emotions or a means of disrupting the senses as a catalyst for points of view, cultural and ecological references. Thus, the spectator is in no way deprived of his subjective capacity to construct/reconstruct reality and is invited to take a position in order to experience the work according to his own feelings.

The subjects of the works of Charbel are surreal and dreamlike, his paintings are the reflection of his artistic research which tends towards an ever greater attention towards color and material. Omnipresent elements in his works, the artist plays with tones and nuances in order to produce a singular resonance and thus create a living, rich and harmonious whole. His paintings, resolutely non-figurative, reflect a deep desire to go to the heart of pictorial matter to reveal its fundamental principles.

A bold and modern painter, Charbel voluntarily turns away from trends and fashions in order to give his art the freedom he needs to express himself without reservation on the canvas and thus reveal all his potential, both chromatic and pictorial as well as sensitive.

« I have inside of me a melancholy, a sadness, which I manage to transform into joy through my painting. I try to show that all emotions have the right to be represented. Creating has become an outlet for me, a way to release all these emotions. »

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