Born in 1979 in Béthune, Antoine Charlet aka Tiwan is a self-taught artist. With a commercial and marketing background, his professional career is rich in changes and transitions, he has been working as a coach in business creation and in the well-being sector for ten years.

As a child and then as a teenager, Tiwan liked to draw and paint, trying his hand at watercolor, gouache, markers or colored pencils. He then abandoned his artistic initiation for several years and it was not until 2010 that a powerful need to paint was felt again.

He then embarked on creating acrylic on canvas. His first paintings with a knife are instinctive, instantaneous. He tests different supports, then different tools, and finally many atypical formats.

In 2011, Tiwan participated in his first exhibition in Steenvoorde in the North, an exhibition which would then see the first constructive feedback on his work and which would lead to his first sales.

 Other local and regional exhibitions followed, then art fairs, so many experiences that helped him to increase his notoriety in the art market. Then artistic and human encounters (Jon One for example) confirm his career and his potential.

But personal and family circumstances keep him away from creation for several years.

In 2022 Tiwan resumed painting and his talent is still there. He is invited to an artistic residency in Quebec where he will create a series of paintings that will be exhibited on site.

Following a very successful solo exhibition on the island of Oléron, he joined the Day2Day gallery in 2023.

“I sign my works on the back because most of them can be looked at from all directions. My paintings can thus evolve over time according to the desire or perception of the person who owns them. Each creation is an invitation to let yourself be guided by your imagination and your unconscious to discover different forms depending on your sense of observation.”Tiwan

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