Born in 1971 in Haute-Saône, Valérie Maurand first embarked on graduate studies at the Beaux-Arts in Besançon for a very short period. She then decides to join the University for psychology studies, finally decided that art remains only a passion.

It was only later that she decided to study drawing and painting in evening classes, and it was then that her passion became an addiction.

Currently working as a kindergarten teacher, she ensures that every day is a real artistic performance!

In her creations, Valérie Maurand’s influences are large and varied: from Renaissance painters to the Impressionists, including the Surrealists and the Expressionists.

She also draws a whole part of her creativity from Pop Art, Street Art, and of course movies (Tim Burton, Jeunet), and sculpture (Gaudi, N. de St Phalle, J. Vasconcelos).

Influenced by current events, philosophy, live shows, Valérie Maurand draws her inspiration from everything that surrounds her…

During her creative process, she constantly tries to recycle, mix, she likes profusion, drips, newspaper, acrylic and pastel when it is very greasy!

« I don’t know how to make clean. I can’t stay on the same line. I explore and since I am never completely satisfied, I continue to explore ».

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