Born in Toulon in 1969, Sylvie Lauvray comes from the world of classical dance.

Trained by the teachers of the Paris Opera, she has become professional, and has evolved in several companies, both classical and contemporary, as a dancer but also as a choreographer.

Today, Sylvie Lauvray devotes herself to teaching in the school she created.

Creation is vital for her and for a few years now, she has turned towards this other mode of expression that is painting.

She apprehends each canvas as an entrance on stage, stage fright, excitement, desire to provoke an emotion. She finds with her brushes the same sensations as when she dances, the curtain opens, and the movement becomes colors.

Epileptic since she was little, Sylvie Lauvray sought to express all the “electricity” that she felt during her crises through her brushes by transcribing her feelings in color.

I needed to experiment with a new artistic language, and it was towards painting that my steps turned. From dance to painting, from painting to dancing.

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