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A découvrir du 1er au 30 novembre 2017 
A La Galerue – 17, rue Belfort – 69004 LYON
Exposition accessible 24h/24 et 7j/7

François’ love story with photography is born from his intimate discovery of the beauty of the world and his desire for freedom.
The desire to see the country and discover unknown countries guide. His attraction to adventure makes him travel and explore multiple subjects. His passion for racing cars marks the beginning of a new photographic adventure: that of motor sports, he leads a personal project capturing regularly the images of the prestigious race 24h of Le Mans, but also the Voiles d’Antibes or the Road Rum.
François offers a demanding look for the image and benevolent for what surrounds it. Passionate since forever, this tireless curious person shares with us his vision of the beauty and wonders of our world.

Thus, through a selection of shots from different series, François invites us to discover a tiny part of his universe.

By putting Nature and Movement at the center of his reflection, he proposes for this exhibition a palette of deep and inspiring colors …

To discover from 1st to 30th November 2017
At The Galerue – 17, rue Belfort – 69004 LYON
Exhibition open 24/7



Cannibal Malabar once again participates in Project Venus in Lyon.
From a photograph by Diego Quagliotti, she created the work “Transformation”, an alloy of watercolor and golden ink …
This painting is exhibited, with others, until 27/10 in Esquirol, 5 Avenue Esquirol in Lyon 3rd.

The work will be auctioned at the end of the year in favor of the Europa Donna association. A great initiative to put art at the service of prevention of breast cancer !




Past Events Retrospective



Revealed very early, Lucie’s talent appears now as evident in Lyon artistic landscape. After having worked for a long time with acrylic and stained glass painting, the artist now uses compressor, aerosol or Posca, giving more peps to her artworks.

      Such inspired by pop’art and illustration, Leloluce shows us her last production. Fifteen to twenty colorful works which highlight an impressive precision in her technic. Her perfect controle that however leaves a spontanous emotion. Everyone will surely find his taste.

      After many partnerships in Paris, Annecy and Genève, it’s now in Lyon, to the Espace Paul Ricard, that Lucie gives us an appointment for the time of a colorful exhibition.



 Cannibal Malabar : Paintings Exhibition




Dalia FERREIRA : Visual Art Exhibition


Caracas une ville qui clame




Exposition  des Photographes de la Galerie

du 20 au 31 mars 2017

à la Salle d’exposition de la Mairie du 1er arrondissement de Lyon



Exposition collective


Exposition collective (suite)


Exposition collective (fin)


Exposition  CHRISTINAE     du  14 octobre au 4 novembre 2016




Stand  “Marché de Noël”
3 au 23 décembre 2016


Exposition “Alex MOUCHET”
11 au 30 novembre 2016


Journée  Ateliers d’Arts Créatifs
22 octobre 2016


Exposition “CHRISTINAE”
14 octobre au 4 novembre 2016

Performance Live “CHRISTINAE”
4 novembre 2016



Exposition “Charly ROLLET”
30 septembre au 1er octobre 2016

Soirée Inauguration
8 juillet 2016