Sylvia Dehais aka Silgato, was born in 1967 in Fécamp, Normandy.

As a child, her father, as an artist, passed on to her his taste and practice of oil painting and his interest in nature, laughs, stories and treasure hunting.

Later, whenever Sylvia wanted to move into fine arts, music always deviated her from her path. A series of events led her go on tour to watch over artists for many years.

Beautiful years of travels, meetings and concerts where Sylvia could feel the influence of music on the crowd.

Sylvia Dehais has always painted between two tours, without being totally satisfied with her painting. Then a burn-out, which occurred after giving too much of her energy, opened her eyes to the sculpture.

Then, she felt the pleasure of creating from the material. Silgato was born for the first time, half Sylvia, half cat. An “alternative” personality allowing her to apprehend the world around her according to her own perceptions.

Musical tours, then with comedians, resume at this time. Two children were born and occupied her creativity throughout early childhood.

It is only recently that Silgato reappeared. A new version of the first. Sylvia Dehais uses today all the lived experiences: music, laughter, travel, nature, tales, writing, childhood… In her creative process, she listens to music and a synesthesia is set up, colors are imposed, movement is created.

“The mind is silent, and I go on a trip. When I “regain” consciousness an effect of pareidolia makes me discover a story through the canvas. An impression of healing from the past is required. A pleasure to have been able to transmute heavy feelings via an alchemy that is both powerful and light.

A way to understand this world and to apprehend it in a new light.”

Sylvia Dehais.

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