Sardoine MIA

Born in 1998 in Pointe-Noire in the Republic of Congo, Sardoine Mia became interested around the age of 4 years of drawing and painting.
Living in an unstable political climate, her childhood in Congo has forged her character and has, forever, changed the girl who throughout her schooling uses often drawing instead of speech as a means of expression.

In 2015 comes the click, Sardoine Mia who has just graduated from highschool, meets the contemporary art of which she literally falls in love. From that moment began her history with this art.

Drawing, painting, engraving and photography… Sardoine tries everything in the quest for her artistic identity.
2 years later, she discovered and joined the SAHM workshops, a Brazzaville Contemporary Art Center created by the Plastic Artist Bill Kouelany who took her under her wing and helped her to embark on an international career.

Although still in her early days, Sardoine has already had the chance to exhibit her works at the Beat Street Award in February 2018 as well as at an auction in 2017 and even at the IFC (Institut Français du Congo).

Now fully in her element, the young Congolese artist brings her originality and her style in the art world, which earned her an artistic research grant offered by the Swiss collective Arbeistgruppe, as well as the Prince Claus Seed Award offered by the Dutch royal foundation of the same name.

“As an artist my style is inspired a lot by the works of Renaissance painters: Leonardo da Vinci, Michel Angelo and others… I take as a model a Congolese artist, Bill Kouelany, who has been supervising me since my beginnings in contemporary art. Bill has been able to assert herself all over the world as an African artist and especially as a woman.

I would like to be able to value art in my country, in Africa and help other people see the beauty of the world through it. I also dream of later opening galleries, organizing festivals and other activities to promote Congolese talent and spark a real boom in art in Congo and Africa.” Sardoine Mia

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