Petit Jouy

Born in 1988, Marine Incani alias Petit Jouy is a painter who regularly works and exhibits her creations in her studio in Tours, her hometown.

Attracted, passionate about art since childhood, she has been inspired by great artists like Paul Klee, Victor Brauner, Suzanne Valadon, Frida Kahlo.

Celtic bestiaries, old masks, ornaments, her own dreams, furniture from the 60’s to our future, the architecture and life of the popular neighborhoods in which she grew up, are the elements from which she draws her creative inspiration.

Petit Jouy trained in drawing techniques in the studio of famous artist-painter Muriel Astier-Lameignère.

She mainly works in acrylic paint, ink and marker on canvas and paper.

She likes to use, for backgrounds and details, the technique of pointillism on paper supports.

The spontaneity of her work leads to a hypersensitive universe, where each work tells a story, conveys a message, challenges, releases an energy.

For this, we find a certain gender duality in her characters, symbols predominate.

Petit Jouy tends towards sincerity, authenticity, art is her language.

She seeks to question our current world, communicate her personal vision, on the questions of society to which she is sensitive, questions of gender, the environment, women, the relationship with our peers, or even the inner journey. The human is at the center of her works.

Petit Jouy has also collaborated with a digital artist for the creation of a virtual museum around her paper works.

In 2021, during the 37th Ballan-Miré exhibition hall, renowned in Indre et Loire, she has the honor of receiving the prize awarded by the Departmental Council of Indre et Loire “Price of pictorial originality”.

Still in 2021, Petit Jouy also participated in the Luxembourg Art Prize Art competition, during which she received a certificate of artistic merit from the museum’s selection committee.

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