Born in 1974, Peïo is a French sculptor and painter. Multidisciplinary artist, sailor and musician too, Peïo is in search of others and it is through the art of portraiture that he develops a sensitive, poetic and colorful pictorial universe.

Having grown up alongside a watercolourist father, he has always been immersed in an artistic environment, drawing and painting from a young age until making it his main activity a few years later.

Painting and sculpture as a medium to evoke the diversity of emotions of the human soul. Through his work Peïo offers a journey beyond oceans and continents, a journey that is also interior, in what the diversity of human beings represents.

Inspired by great names like Gauguin and Basquiat, the figure and the portrait represent his main artistic engine.

In his paintings, he multiplies and mixes techniques with a very particular evocation of the mystical continent of Africa which saw the birth of humanity and which fascinates him.

The free gesture and the absence of a priori gives his paintings this energy, this freedom and this intensity that he loves. Painting is a language, a language that he appropriates to give meaning.

An accomplished visual artist, he also creates sculptures in clay and bronze between face and mask, it is Peïo’s flagship theme that is taken up here: the human figure. The mask or the face we do not know how to choose but his works approach the notion of passing time and the imprint that we can leave.

“Art is a language in its own way, a language that gives meaning and translates our emotions, our quests, our daydreams. It also translates beyond our imaginations by being the testimony of an era, of an emotion that can last over time. Peio

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