Mat's Mind

Mathilde, aka Mat’s Mind, is a French artist, born in 1992 in Chartres, and currently living in Turkey. Her art journey began in Laos while she was travelling before the lockdown of 2020. This is where she truly discovered herself: far from social distraction and societal influence, she spent most of her time painting while walking on her spiritual path.

A new passion emerged, Mat’s Mind decided to express her new self through art with the influence of her worldwide travels (from Africa, South America, Europe and Asia).

All her creations hold a strong spiritual message of mindfulness and connexion with our Universe. Always in a search for balance, Mat’s Mind mainly uses abstract geometrical shapes and symmetry that she masters with perfection.

She loves mixing vibrant colours as a reflection of her solar and optimistic personality, adding contrast, and other tribal symbols, which have now become part of her signature design. They reflect movement, flow, and a sense of connectedness within our souls, with a dominant presence of a protective eye: the divine energy.

Mat’s Mind usually paints with her instinct without necessarily picturing what she will do next; she trusts and lets herself be driven by her emotions and soul so they can, later on, be immortalized.

Welcome to her colourful world!

« Master your mind to unlock the power of your creativity »Mat’s Mind

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