Martine LE BIDAN

Born in 1959 in Lorient, Martine Le Bidan is an abstract painter, who has for several years turned towards painting portraits which she affectionately calls “her crazy Toto heads” and which navigate between singular art, street art, raw expressionism, and free figuration.

She paints portraits of men and women but above all looks and expressions because she seeks to translate states of mind. What interests her is to capture, to understand, to feel the emotions, the relationships that exist between beings.

Martine Le Bidan plays on the poetic, colorful or humorous but always touching side of the characters. Beneath these faces lies human fragility. She tells simple stories, stolen moments, snapshots.
The harmony of colors and shapes allow the artist to offer paintings where positive energy emerges.

Brushes, spatulas and knives accompany her gestures. Martine Le Bidan does not hesitate to use different techniques such as ink, pastel, acrylic, oil and collage, thus offering herself great freedom of expression and suggesting a multitude of readings of her creations.
Her painting allows her to breathe life, imagination and dreams into a few strokes of brushes and knives.

And like Basquiat: « when she paints, she doesn’t think about art but about life ».

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