Born in 1968 in Montpellier from an Italian origin, Magali ZAMBELLI began her artistic career with classical dance.

At the beginning of the 90s, she decided to embark on pictorial art and entered Atelier 31 in Montpellier, where she followed a short artistic course, preferring the paths of discovery of introspection to reveal her own creativity.

Her compositions are the extension of her long years of learning dance and are expressed in the forms and harmony of colors sought.

After a long initiatory journey, she finds her trace and her line through color. Poetry accompanies the gesture of her pictorial compositions. Influenced by the impressionist and expressionist masters, Magali ZAMBELLI lets her creative state spring forth, she manages to show us the deliverance from a static state. A Mediterranean language that is now exported beyond borders.

She conveys her unrealistic impressions of reality, idealistic utopianism and otherworldliness. Symbiosis between form and color, she bears witness to a vibrant adage reflecting the beauty of light in the mirrors of her creations.

Her main subject is women and mythology is her line of research. The Goddesses, the myths, the legends are all archetypes that have made it possible to think about the world and that guide her artistic research.

Her career takes her to Milan, Magali ZAMBELLI exhibits with Xante BATAGLIA and with Pierre BALDI in France. In Paris, she participates in the Salon de la Mairie in the 16th arrondissement and the Salon Elan d’Art in Montpellier.

A traveling exhibition project for the Montpellier tramway led her to create 22 Plexiglas paintings, displayed on the windows of the tramway. In 2021 she exhibited at the Résidence Galerie les “DIVINES” on the theme of mythology, then in 2022, in Paris in the Galerie Katy SROUSSY.

Following a great experience, numerous publications and significant sales, Magali ZAMBELLI now benefits from an Artprice listing.

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