La Douche Froide

La Douche Froide was born from the duo between the painter Elise Poinsenot and the calligraffeur artist Nove. United on the same support, they together create a new graphic horizon, between early graffiti and contemporary figuration.

Born in 1975, Nove is an artist from Belfort. Self-taught, hyperactive, militant, convinced utopian, Nove lays his eyes, his spray cans and his pencils on this contemporary world. His words go beyond his imagination, in the cities and the countryside, on the walls as on the canvases, from the pen to the Posca, designating himself as an artist who constantly seeks and learns. Attached to the original values ​​of Hip-Hop, which he transmits in his work and his encounters.

Born in 1982 in Montbéliard, Elise Poinsenot lives and works in Franche-Comté. Painter, she evolves since her childhood behind the scenes of the theaters alongside her father and in the middle of the colors of the watercolors of her grandfather. Her atypical background, from horticulture to the History of Art and art therapy, offers her a technicality and a sensitive observation.

The portrait as the basis of her painting gradually gives way to a concentration on the reality of bodies in their intimacies of being. Her work wants to be a dialogue between the character and the painter like secrets to discover, journeys in the light of the skin.

The joint creations of La Douche Froide are instinctive and dazzling responses to identity and societal questions. Graffiti, graphic and aesthetic realization of the letter and the word, is, in essence, vector of messages from the world. Combined with the portrait, this alter ego, like a mirror at the heart of the message through its expression, its codes, its gaze…

The collaboration between Élise and Nove is a clash of ideas, compositions and adaptations that are linked as measurement of their technicalities on canvases, walls. Associated with a contemporary figuration, their creations are mixed with stories and symbolism.

The work of La Douche Froide is a figurative painting based on the portrait. The characters, generally female, are a mental collection of compressed images, crossed faces, aesthetic mixes giving rise to portraits that do not seem unknown.

Experimenting with different painting techniques, the raw touch of colors, transparencies, superpositions and the search for another epidermal aspect symbolize dreamlike atmospheres and summon the marked presence of their emotions. The allegorical elements accompanying the composition underline the thematic expression, which is often carried by a certain melancholy and ode to nature. This expressionist from La Douche Froide work now gives way to a concentration on the reality of bodies in their intimacy of being. The models are no longer vaguely mentalized, they pose for the duration of a photograph, chosen for their disposition to be, in their solitude and their strength.

The paint job of La Douche Froide focuses on the light of the character getting lost in certain places with the background, itself reduced to its vanishing lines. Concentrate on the one who is there, on its hollows and its fullness but also on the invisible, the ailments of the body. Through a bluish pictorial distortion of the epidermis, the invisible bodily pain becomes visible.

« Erupts a shock of ideas, compositions and adaptations which are linked as their technicalities progress, with a psychedelic charge sometimes reaching abundance, even delirium, spontaneous and narrative. »

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