Born in 1968 in La Garenne-Colombes, Franck Célaire grew up with a pencil in his hand amidst comic book characters and cartoons, including Tintin and Gaston Lagaffe.

Architect since 1994, he has always allied his profession with artistic creation.
Raised around art, music, cinema, and architecture, it is this disciplinary plurality that is found today in his various creations both on canvases and on multiple media (sculptures, guitars, resins, clocks, etc.).

With his unique universe, influenced by famous painters such as Picasso and Keith Harring, Street Art and comics, Franck Célaire expresses himself in a contemporary style of free figuration, combining explosion of colors and graphic interweaving. A compulsive and constantly evolving art.

And so his paintings play elbows with casts of colorful skulls, sculptures of stamped gorillas or majestic bulls chamarés …

From shoes to custom guitars, which he sometimes offers to his favorite stars: Matthieu Chedid, Jean-Louis Aubert, Manu Chao, Carlos Santana, Keith Richards… Nothing resists the innovative art of Franck Célaire, artistically playful and compulsively inclined to consider any object as a medium to be revisited.

Franck Célaire had the chance to share an exhibition and the work of the artist Jean-Paul Bocaj, who taught him to work on new media and allowed him to get his first public experiences.

Now represented in galleries in Sète, Montpellier and Lyon, Franck Célaire is working on upcoming exhibitions around the world (Barcelona, Moscow, New York, Tel Aviv…).

“The first 50 years of my life were just learning, I’m attacking the next 50, relaxed and relaxed… with the pencil in hand.”

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