Art H.M

Born in 1979 in Morocco, Hassan Mahzoum alias Art H.M is a self-taught painter from Lyon.

An eclectic artist, ranging from modern, contemporary, street art and pop art to classical art, Hassan has nevertheless specialized in portraits and animals.

Art HM is a brush and pen technician whose pop and colorful universe is part of a spirit that is both lively and soothing.

Mixing different painting techniques such as acrylic, oil, pastel, watercolor but also aerosol and Posca for the pop art and street art side.

Passionate about American urban pop culture and sports, the artist conveys his passion through tribute and animal portraits. From a fine line to a robust line, the sensitivity of the subject is sublimated on its support.

Very sensitive to details, precise lines and fine lines accentuated by the mastery of tools ranging from the brush to the ballpoint pen which reflects an attachment to drawing since childhood.

A colorful universe often animal, exotic and committed. Nevertheless, his inspirations are eclectic and his experiences as an artist have multiplied in recent years with renowned exhibitions and live-paintings.

Since 2019, Art H.M has multiplied exhibitions in Lyon and his name is circulating more and more in the world of urban art through the many live performances he proposes.  With Day2Day Gallery, his name has been associated to multiple exhibitions these last years.

Art H.M’s work is directly inspired and influenced by street artists, Jef Aérosol, JR, Obey or Tarek, whose work he loves and appreciates their impact. He’s also inspired by artists like Monet, Dali and Cézanne.

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