Arnaud LALY

Arnaud Laly is a French artist and designer born in 1991 in Ploërmel, a small town in Bretagne. The striped sweater being in his genes, he approaches his projects via a triptych: line – patterns – flat colors. Like the swell, he never stops imagining, creating, moving.

At first, Arnaud Laly studied Applied Arts in Rennes, specializing in graphic design. He finished his studies by studying plastic art and global design in order to have a 360 ° vision.

Arnaud Laly then naturally settled in Paris and became Artistic Director within a large Design Global agency.

After several years working in this agency where architecture and graphic design blend together, Arnaud Laly sets out on his own.

Frustrated with making many creations through a screen, he finds a balance by expressing himself through painting on canvas but also on rugs.

The power of colors and contrasts is something unique that he finds only through painting. This allows him to convey a particular emotion.

Using the rigor resulting from design, he likes to represent deconstructed faces in a contemporary way, sets of looks or even abstract compositions.
Spotted by several galleries in France and abroad, he now devotes himself to his artistic project.

Architecture being one of his influences, Arnaud Laly aspires to the construction of architectural forms within his visuals. Artistic trends such as De Stiij, Cubism or Memphis are also strong references for him.

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