Born in 1986 in Valence in the Drôme, Florian Bac aka Arié discovered an attraction for painting from a very young age.

Guided by cartoons and video games, Arié first started by working on his techniques by drawing manga characters Dragon Ball Z, Goldorak, Pokémon, then video games characters, Tomb Raider, Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda

He grew up mixing his passions of computers and painting. In high school, he chose to study computer graphics through which he participated in projects for Nintendo. He then went to the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Lyon to continue his training as an artist.

But a complicated family estrangement and the difficulty of emerging in this environment push him to put an end to his journey.

Arié however does not stop creating, and he turns to street art through graffiti activities (bus shelters, skate-parks, walls). He finally finds the means of expression that suits him. However, he gradually abandoned his artistic activities for another professional career.

The meeting with his wife and the birth of his two children will be a turning point in his life. His wife pushes him to reinvest this passion of artistic creation and his children will be an additional motivation to create.

It is at this moment that Arié turns to the characters who have made and are making everyone’s childhoods. As a big fan of Alec Monopoly, he is inspired by it to orient his art on popular characters.

In order to stand out and to offer a specificity, Arié uses a special paint requiring meticulous work, phosphorescent and fluorescent paints. This particular style allows the works to offer a double day/night vision, whether under black light for fluorescent paint or in simple black for phosphorescent paint.

After discovering a painting by Arie, a second readability therefore appears in a different light. Mastering acrylic, spray paint or Posca, Arié is part of a Pop’art style with street art techniques, and the result is worth the detour.

“My art has always been a way of sharing an emotion, a smile, a childhood memory. My paintings are intended to offer wonder day and night. » Arié

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